What is the navigator?

Research and innovation activities need to become more responsive to societal challenges and concerns. The Responsibility Navigator, developed in the Res-AGorA project, supports decision-makers to govern such activities towards more conscious responsibility. What is considered “responsible” will always be defined differently by different actor groups in research, innovation, and society – the Responsibility Navigator is designed to facilitate related debate, negotiation and learning in a constructive and productive way. The Responsibility Navigator supports the identification, development and implementation of measures and procedures that can transform research and innovation in such a way that responsibility becomes an institutionalised ambition. For more information, refer to the why, what and how of the Responsibility Navigator

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What is the Co-construction method?

The RRI Co-construction Method offers a practical way to work with the Responsibility Navigator. Step by step instructions are provided for you to do your own RRI Co-construction workshop. It is a workshop design that uniquely combines flow, input, reflection, iteration and discussion, that can make RRI happen. It does so by offering a coherent workshop process aligned with a governance framework for RRI, The Responsibility Navigator.

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